Kendra Bidwell Ferreira

Title: Flowers for a Friend

Category: Book Sculptures

Honorable Mention Award at the Providence Art Club Fall Members' Exhibit

A Note from the Artist

A drawing or painting is a moment in time, a frozen piece of the thoughts, feelings and interpretations of the artist who seeks to draw the viewer into the canvas. It stirs our emotions, creates a mood and reflects the spirit of the artist.

My work is contemporary colored pencil using ordinary subjects and compositions and to portray them in an extraordinary way. Colored pencils permit me to combine the expressiveness of painting with the control of drawing. I do not work exclusively on one element in the drawing, finish it and move to the next. I work consistently moving back and forth so that each element is reflected in one another and develops simultaneously, deepening their relationship to one another. I use color, line, value, shape and light to portray emotion, luminescence and rhythms in my work. My drawings are both bold and delicate, transparent and sturdy.

Please visit my blog to learn about my on-going projects, experiments with different mediums, and travels in the art world.

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